OhGaming's Organized Crime
by ohgaming - Minecraft: 1.7.10

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Welcome to Organized Crime! In this server you can become the greatest mafia boss to rule the streets. The map for the multiplayer server is custom made and highly designed. There's NO OTHER server like this available for minecraft. You can rent property, add members of your group, and grow large crops for cannabis. We have guns, drugs, very strong economy, and a fast paced play style that will have you falling in love with the server.

Installing the Organized Crime modpack is simple!

1) Open your technic launcher.
2) Select add new modpack. (It's a plus sign (avatar) on the left side of the launcher)
3) When the menu appears paste this in the modpack URL:
4) You will then see the pack on your launcher, select it, click play!

The server is conveniently already in your multiplayer list for you.

Applied Energistics
Biblio Craft
Chicken Shed
Code Chicken Core
Divine Smoker
Flans Mod ( Modern Weapons )
Food Plus
Growth Craft - Cellar, Grapes, Hops
Hopper Ducts
Mekanism - Generators, Induction
MrCrayFish Furniture mod
Nether Ores
Not Enough Items
Power Crystals Core
Road Works
Thermal Expansion
Damage Indicators
Zans Minimap

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12-16-14: UPDATED MODPACK TO 1.7.10
12-13-14: Updated Mekanism to fix a bug.
11-25-14: Updated IP information
8-10-14: Downgrading Furniture mod due to players getting client side issues.
8-9-14: Adding MrCrayFish Furniture mod
8-2-14: Updated with New Guns, Attachments, and Recipes.
8-2-14: Removed GrowthCraft
6-30-14: Updated Thermal Expansion
3-16-14: Updated CodeChickenCore & NEI
2-7-14: Corrected ID conflict with Grapes.
2-1-14: Pack updated to 1.6.4 - 100% different and unique
10-29-13: Reworked.
9-25-13: Tweaks to the Mods & Configs.
7-30-13: Added thermal expansion and omni tools.
7-29-13: Removed Mekanism Mod and Added Applied Energistics and IC2 Addons
7-21-13: Entire Makeover
7-19-13: Updated Mekkanism Mod
7-6-13: Added BuildCraft
7-5-13: First Release

All mods are for public download and available online. If you would like to discuss a mod in this pack please contact OaksVirals at http://ohgaming.org

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